Don’t Leave Home Without the Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

30 October 2011

Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

If you’re a Canon fan, you may not like this post. :-)

But, look past the fact that the Nikon 8072 Microfiber Cleaning Cloth has “Nikon” blazoned all over it and you’ll soon realize just how handy this little fella is to photographers. Barely bigger than a stick of gum, this microfiber lens cleaning cloth attaches to your camera, camera strap (my preference) or camera bag. It ensures that you’ll always have a way to clean your lens or lens filter, no matter where you are.

While not a replacement for other cleaning tools, it has more than once saved me from having to wipe down my lens with my t-shirt. At less than $10, it will be one of the smartest buys you’ll make.

And, if you really can’t stand having a Nikon logo on your gear, you’ll find many similar generic solutions for around the same price.

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